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Verbal Logic

Some Examples of type of questions asked on verbal logic are given below:

Letter Series:

1. A series is given with one term missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will completer the series.

cx fu ir ? ol ri

(b) lo
(c) kn
(d) kp

Tip for solving letter series questions.

Quickly write down the alphabet and number the letters in both forward and backward sequence as shown below.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N --- and so on
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 (forward)
26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 (backward)
Use these numbered alphabet to find out the pattern followed in the given question.

2. A sequence of groups of letters and number is given. One term is missing in the sequence. Select the missing term from the given alternatives.

KM5, IP8, GS11, EV14, ?

(a) BX18
(c) CX17
(d) BY18

3. In the following letter series some of the letters are missing. Choose one set of letters from the alternatives which shall complete it when sequentially placed at the gaps.


(a) abab
(b) abba
(c) bbaa
(d) baab

Analogy: In this type of question a pair of related words is provided and from the given alternatives you have to select the one that best matches the relationship existing between the first two words.

4. There is a certain relation between two words given on the left hand side of "::". Select a word from the given alternatives which has the same relation with the word given on the right hand side of "::".

Bank : River : : Coast : ?

(a) Waves
(b) Sea
(c) Beach
(d) Flood

5. Circle : Circumference : : Square : ?

(a) Perimeter
(b) Volume
(c) Area

Tips for solving questions related to Analogy.

1. Before looking at the answer choice, establish the relationship between the question pair. Only then look at the answer choices to find a similar relationship amongst them.

2. The question pair may be related to each other in more than one ways. So do not jump to conclusion. Look at all the answer choices and find out which one shall be the closest to the question pair.

3. Compare the sequence of items in the question pair with that of answer. It must match.

Some other types of questions related to analogy:

6. From the given alternatives select the pair which is related in the same way as the word in the first pair.

Chair : Carpenter

(a) Medicine : Doctor
(b) Radio : Radiologist
(c) Grass : Gardener
(d) Bridge : Engineer

7. Thick is related to Thin in the same way as Idle is related to ------

(a) Business
(b) Virtuous
(c) Activity
(d) Industrious

8. A group of three inter-related words is given. Choose a word from the given alternatives that belongs to the same group.

Diamond : Sapphire : Ruby

(a) Silver
(b) Gold
(c) Bronze
(d) Emerald

9. Three words are given which have something in common among themselves. Out of the four given alternatives, choose one which mentions the quality common to the three given words.

Volleyball : Hockey : Football

(a) Games
(b) Athletes
(c) Aquatics
(d) Baseball

10. There exist some relationship between the first two terms. Choose a term from the given alternatives which holds the same relationship with the third term.


(a) GMJP
(b) GJMP
(c) JGPM
(d) JGMP

Classification: The questions consist of a set of certain items, such that, all except one have similar characteristics / features. The candidates are required to select the item which differs from all other items in the given set.

11. Select the word which is different from the other three words

(a) Black
(b) Yellow
(c) Green
(d) Red

12. Four pair of words are given. Out of these, the words in three pairs bear a common relationship. Select the pair in which the words are differently related.

(a) Table : Drawer
(b) Car : Wheel
(c) Train : Engine
(d) Cover : Page
13. Four groups of letters are given. Out of these three are similar in a certain way while one is different. Select the one which is different from the others.

(a) RBWG
(b) IZNE
(c) VBAG
(d) RDWJ Coding and Decoding: You are required to decipher a given code by applying some rule (which you have to determine from the example given in the question). Then you have to either encode another code or decode a code given in the question.

14. If in a code language, COULD is written as BNTKC and MARGIN is written as LZQFHM, how will MOULDING be written in that code?


In the following 93 pages you will find 351 questions on verbal logic and their solutions with detailed explanations.


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