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Analytical Ability

255. Summerhill Community College found that, because the current curriculum has little direct relevance to skills required in order to succeed in the job market, they have been attracting fewer and fewer new students. So to attract students to their college, the board proposed a curriculum that emphasizes technology related to computers. Which of the following, if true, provides the strongest reason to expect that the proposed curriculum will be successful in attracting students?

(a) Many technological principles can be applied to computers
(b) Knowledge of technology is becoming increasingly important in understanding today's world
(c) Equipment that a large producer of computers has donated to the college could be used in the proposed curriculum
(d) In today's world, the production and application of computers is of major importance in many places of business

256. In the 1980's, myopia was the most common eye problem in Ohio, followed hyperopia, or farsightedness, and glaucoma, in that order. The incidence for both hyperopia and glaucoma increases with age, but the incidence rate for myopia is the same for people of all ages. The average age of the population of Ohio residents is expected to increase between 1990 and 2010. Which of the following conclusions can be most properly drawn about chronic medical conditions in Ohio from the information given above?

(a) Myopia will be more common than either hyperopia or glaucoma by 2010
(b) Hyperopia will be the most common eye condition in 2010
(c) The average age of people suffering from myopia will increase between 1990 and 2010
(d) Fewer people will suffer from myopia in 2000 than suffered from it in 1980

257. A New Mexico farm that grows hothouse tomatoes produces in 10 acres of space what it takes 20 acres of field area to produce. Expenses, such as electricity, are high, however, and the tomatoes harvested cost 60 % more than Florida field tomatoes. Which of the following, if true, best supports a projection that the New Mexico tomato farm will be profitable?

(a) Once the operators of the facility are experienced, they will be able to cut operating expenses by about 7%
(b) There is virtually no scope for any further reduction in the cost per pound for Florida tomatoes
(c) Unlike washed field tomatoes, the hothouse tomatoes are untainted by any pesticides or herbicides and thus will sell at very high prices to such customers as health food stores and organic produce outlets
(d) Since tomatoes ship relatively well, the market for the hothouse tomatoes is not more limited to the New Mexico area than the Florida tomatoes are to Florida

258. Organic farmers are looking for non-chemical methods to rid their crops of pests. Giving crops a slight electric shock has no ill effect on crops but rids them of caterpillars. This method should be employed by organic farmers all over the country. Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the view that it would not be advisable to try to eradicate agricultural pests with the method mentioned above?

(a) Most species of caterpillar are subject to some natural predators
(b) Many agricultural pests do not go through a caterpillar stage
(c) This method also kills insects that are agriculturally beneficial
(d) Since caterpillars of different species appear at different times of the year, several shocks would be necessary

259. A study of business partnerships in which one partner's management style differs from that of the other partner reveals that such partnerships are more likely be fraught with problems and to ultimately end in dissolution. Thus, mismatched management styles can seriously jeopardize a business partnership. Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument above?explanation

(a) Business partnerships in which both partners have the same management style also occasionally have disagreements that can jeopardize the partnership
(b) The management style of individuals tends to vary from year to year
(c) The individuals who have management style that differ significantly from those of their partners tend to argue little with spouses at home
(d) Partners who are considering dissolution have been found to express hostility by adopting a different management styles from that of their partners


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