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Analytical Ability

334. John, Kate and Lenny just came back from trips to the following countries: Mauritania, Nepal, Oman, Peru and Qatar.
Each country was visited by at least one of the travellers.
Each traveller visited either two or three different countries.
Only one traveller visited Qatar.
Every traveller who visited Mauritania went to Nepal as well.
A traveller who visited Qatar did not visit Peru.
John visited all of the countries Kate did.
Which of the following could NOT be a list of the countries John visited?

(a) Peru, Mauritania, Nepal
(b) Oman, Nepal, Qatar
(c) Qatar, Mauritania, Nepal
(d) Mauritania, Nepal, Oman

335. Stockbroker: Economists advise us to buy a certain number of foreign government-issue bonds along with our stocks because they can help diversify the risk in our investment portfolios. While it is wise to avoid unnecessary financial risk, the economists' advice is premature. For all we know, those types of bonds can lose a considerable amount of their value over time and might even become worthless.
Which one of the following best expresses the main conclusion of the above argument?

(a) To the extent that it is possible, we should avoid unnecessary financial risk when investing.
(b) Including a certain number of foreign government-issue bonds in our investment portfolio may result in a net decrease in the value of the portfolio
(c) Including the right types of bonds in an investment portfolio can constitute a reliable source of investment without the unnecessary financial risk
(d) We should be cautious about the practice of including a certain number of foreign government-issue bonds in our investment portfolio

336. Letter to the editor: Like many other clients of Metropolitan Bank, I was dismayed to hear that its manager, Peter Grey, was found guilty of embezzlement. However, I do not agree with the calls for Grey's resignation from his bank post. Peter Grey has chaired our block association for many years, and I have always known him to be competent. Our local economy cannot afford to lose any fair and competent bankers.
Which one of the following best expresses the main conclusion of the letter writer's argument?

(a) A charge of embezzlement is not sufficient grounds for damaging anyone's professional career.
(b) Competence is the most important quality in a bank manager
(c) People who are personally acquainted with a professional outside the purview of work are the most objective judges of that professional's competence
(d) Peter Grey is a competent bank manager

337. Parents often believe they should supervise their pre-school children more when outside their home than when inside. This, however, is a mistake. While many parents would not think of letting their young children wander around alone outside, they neglect to supervise their pre-schoolers adequately in the home. Yet most accidents involving young children occur in the home, and a lack of parental supervision plays a role in 80 percent of these accidents .In fact, fatal accidents account for almost one-third of all deaths to children between the ages of 1 and 14, and most fatal accidents to preschool children happen at home. The most frequently cited reasons for visits with young children to hospital emergency rooms are burns caused by too-hot water in the bath, followed by serious cuts, bruises, and head injuries sustained during play, and finally, drug poisonings.
Which one of the following best expresses the main conclusion of the argument above?

(a) Parents do not need to supervise their children outside the home more than they do inside
(b) Inadequate parental supervision does not play a role in most of the accidents that occur outside
(c) Parents should supervise their children as closely in the home as outside the home
(d) Inadequate parental supervision is the primary factor in most accidents involving young children in the home


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