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Analytical Ability

276. Thomas and Sam work every other day (Monday through Saturday).
Thomas and Sam never work together.
Uma, Victor and Winona work twice a week (Monday through Saturday), but never together.
Thomas and Victor cannot both work on the same day.
Winona never works on Mondays or Fridays.
If Winona is working on Tuesday, Wednesday or both, which of the following CANNOT be true?

(a) Thomas is working on Tuesday
(b) Victor is working on Tuesday
(c) Sam is working on Tuesday and Uma is working on Thursday
(d) Victor is working on Friday and Uma is working on Saturday

277. A chef has to pick four fruits out of the following seven to make a fruit salad: figs, guavas, honeydews, kiwis, mangos, nectarines and papayas.
Papaya can be selected only if kiwi is selected.
Fig can be selected only if nectarine is selected.
Either mango or nectarine must be selected, but never both.
Either papaya or honeydew must be selected but never both.
If the salad does not contain kiwi, which one of the following fruits must be in the salad

(a) Mango
(b) Nectarine
(c) Honeydew
(d) Papaya

278. Although the new cochleae manufactured by Medotech will cost more than twice as much as the cochlear implants now in use, Medotech implants should still be cost-effective. Not only will surgery and recovery time be reduced, but Medotech cochlear replacements should last longer, thereby reducing the need for further hospital stays. Which of the following must be studied in order to evaluate the argument presented above?

(a) The amount of time a patient spends in surgery versus the amount of time spent recovering from surgery.
(b) The amount by which the cost of producing Medotech cochlear replacements has declined with the introduction of the new technique for producing them
(c) The degree to which the use of Medotech cochlear replacements is likely to reduce the need for repeat surgery when compared with the use of the replacements now in use
(d) The degree to which the use of Medotech replacements are more carefully manufactured than are the replacements now in use

279. The best answer is C. To evaluate the argument it must be determined whether these savings will compensate for the increased cost. Therefore, study of the expected reduction in the need for further hospital stays is needed.

(a) Determining what kind of wood is used to make the reeds used by jazz clarinetists
(b) Determining whether jazz clarinetists make their reeds lose their freshness faster than do classical clarinetists
(c) Determining whether identical lengths of reeds, of the same thickness, lose their freshness at different rates when put onto various brands of clarinets
(d) Determining whether rubbing various substances on the new reed causes them to lose their freshness

280. Wheat has more nutritional value than rye. But since oats have more nutritional value than rice, it follows that wheat has more nutritional value than rice. Any of the following, if introduced into the argument as an additional premise, makes the argument above logically correct EXCEPT:

(a) Wheat and oats have the same nutritional value
(b) Rye has more nutritional value than oats
(c) Rye has more nutritional value than rice
(d) Oats have more nutritional value than wheat

281. A famous painter has recently won a lawsuit against a major food manufacturer for commissioning a graphic designer to design the packaging of its chocolate chip cookies in the painter's distinctive style. As a result of the lawsuit, manufacturers will stop asking graphic artists to copy distinctive painting styles. Therefore, the cost of package design will rise because employing the services of known artists costs more than those of graphic designers that imitate their style. The conclusion above is based on which of the following assumptions?

(a) Most people are unable to distinguish a famous artist's illustration from that of a good graphic artist imitating the painter's style
(b) Manufacturers will use well-known painting styles in their packaging.
(c) The original version of some well-knows paintings are unavailable for use in packaging
(d) Manufacturers will continue to use graphic artists to imitate the artistic style of famous painters


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