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Analytical Ability

305. In order to increase its revenue, the Body Parts Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has been offering its patients hefty discounts if they undergo cosmetic procedures such as tummy tucks and liposuction. However, offering such discounts is an unethical practice, because it gives a strong financial incentive to people to consent to surgery that is elective and carries a physical risk, a practice that compromises the integrity of the physician-patient relationship.
Which one of the following illustrates the principle underlying the above argument?

(a) Financial incentives are immoral; the offer targets the most vulnerable aspect of people - their pocketbooks
(b) Encouraging people to undergo cosmetic surgery is unethical since it addresses people's inherent insecurities regarding their bodies
(c) It is unethical to profit by encouraging people to engage in behavior that could put their lives at risk unnecessarily
(d) The objective of increasing revenue compromises the integrity of the surgical clinic

306. In a computer game battle between an army and enemy guerillas, great care was taken by the army to avoid civilian casualties. Two days later, an army patrol spotted a group of residents digging a ditch by the roadside; in spite of the army commander's belief that they were, in fact, civilians, he called in an airstrike. An army commander who suspects that terrorists have coerced civilians to engage in warfare on their behalf, must consider those civilians to be terrorists themselves.
Which one of the following best illustrates the principle underlying the argument above?

(a) When factory workers threatened by unemployment commit violence against the factory in a desperate bid for help, the police are correct in arresting them
(b) The cost of a new home is currently one and half times on average that of an existing home
(c) While the queen bee does no actual work herself, the other bees in the colony organize along the principles of the division of labor
(d) Stock brokers get paid in proportion to their investment advice: the greater the profit to their customer, the higher their fee

307. Between 1990 and 1998, occupancy in Branson Hospital averaged 79 percent of capacity, while admission rates remained constant, at an average of 9 admissions per 100 beds per year. Between 1998 and 2002, however, occupancy rates increased to an average of 85 percent of capacity, while admission rates declined to 8 per 100 beds per year.
Which of the following conclusions can be most properly drawn from the info given above?

(a) The average stay for Branson Hospital residents rose between 1998 and 2002
(b) The proportion of children staying in Branson hospital was greater in 2002 than in 1990
(c) Hospital admission rates tend to decline whenever occupancy rates rise
(d) Hospitals built prior to 1998 generally had fewer beds than did hospitals built between 1998 and 2002

308. American customers expect high quality. When the quality of a manufactured product is raised, it in turn raises customer expectations. A company that believes that the quality of its products is satisfactory will soon discover that its customers are not similarly satisfied. The goal of Sunnybrook Corporation is to meet or exceed customer expectations.
Which of the following must be true on the basis of the statements above?

(a) Sunnybrook's competitors will succeed in attracting customers only if those competitors adopt Sunnybrook's goal as their own
(b) A company that does not correctly forecast the expectations of its customers is certain to fail in advancing the quality of its products
(c) It is possible to meet the goal of Sunnybrook Corporation only if the quality of their products can be continually improved upon
(d) If a company becomes satisfied with the quality of the products it manufactures, then the quality is likely to decline

309. The more frequently employees take a break for guided relaxation exercises during working hours each week, the fewer sick days they take. Even workers who take a guided relaxation break once a week during working hours take less sick leave than those who do not perform relaxation. Therefore, if companies started guided relaxation programs, the absentee rate in those companies would decrease significantly.
Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument above?

(a) Employees who do guided relaxation exercises during working hours occasionally fall asleep for short periods of time after the exercises
(b) Employees who are frequently absent are the least likely to cooperate with or to join a corporate relaxation program
(c) Employees who do guided relaxation exercises only once a week in their company's fitness program usually also do relaxation exercises at home
(d) Employees who do guided relaxation exercises in their company's relaxation program use their working time no more productively than those who do not do relaxation exercises


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