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Analytical Ability

267. Parents of some of the children in a particular class have claimed that the teacher is not objective and favors his male students with higher grades. But records have shown that 92% of female students received a passing grade in this teacher's class. This record demonstrates that the teacher has not discriminated against women when assigning grades. The argument above is flawed in that it ignored the possibility that

(a) a large number of the teacher's student were in his class the previous year
(b) many teachers find it difficult to be objective when assigning grades to male and female students
(c) the evidence shows that more than 92% of the female students should have received a passing grade
(d) a large number of female students were not showing up for the teacher's lessons

268. The number of young adults that are illiterate has dropped significantly in a certain county over the last fifteen years. Education officials attribute this decrease entirely to improved conditions in the schools, which made for a better teaching environment, reducing the level of illiteracy. Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the education officials' explanation for the lower incidence of the phenomenon?

(a) Many similar improvements in school conditions have been made over the last twenty-five years in the county
(b) Home-schooling has not been more prevalent among the illiterate as compared to people who are not illiterate
(c) Because of a new assessment scale, many people who until this year would have been considered illiterate are now considered low-level readers
(d) The same percentage of the population has been tested every year for the last 30 years

269. In many hospitals, more and more monitoring is being carried out by automated equipment instead of human employees who previously carried out the work. This is done in an attempt to save hospital expenses. However, many employees who lose their jobs to automation will need government assistance to get by, and the same corporations that are laying people off will eventually pay for that assistance through increased taxes and unemployment insurance payments. Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the author's argument?

(a) Most of the new jobs created by automated equipment pay less than the jobs that were eliminated by automated equipment did
(b) Many hospitals that have failed to automate have seen their profits decline.
(c) Unemployment insurance and taxes are paid also by corporations that are not automating
(d) Many workers who have already lost their jobs to automated equipment have been unable to find new employment

270. Besides the manager and owner, Antonio's Pizza is staffed by 15 high school students who are paid minimum wage. The government passed a statute two month ago raising minimum wage by 9%. Though this led to a considerable increase in costs to Antonio's Pizza, profits have increased markedly. Which of the following, if true, most helps to resolve the apparent paradox?

(a) Over half of Antonio's Pizza's operating costs consist of payroll expenditures; yet only a small percentage of those expenditures go to pay the salaries of those that work in the kitchen
(b) Antonio's Pizza's customer base is made up primarily of people who earn, or who depend on the earnings of others who earn the minimum wage
(c) The operating costs, other than wages, increased substantially after the increase in the minimum wage rate went into effect
(d) When the increase in the minimum wage rate went into effect, Antonio's Pizza also raised the manger's wage rate

271. Before hiring staff that deals directly with food, employees must, by law, have a chest x-ray. Sometimes the results of the x-ray are inconclusive, though this is no reflection on the examinee. Rather, such a result means that the test has failed to show whether the examinee was healthy or not. Nevertheless, employers will sometimes refuse to hire a job applicant because of an inconclusive chest x-ray result. Which of the following conclusions can most properly be drawn from the information above?

(a) Most examinees with inconclusive chest x-ray results are in fact unhealthy
(b) Chest x-rays should not be used by employers in the consideration of job applicants
(c) An inconclusive chest x-ray result is sometimes unfairly held against the examinee
(d) A chest x-rays indicating that an examinee is unhealthy can sometimes be mistaken


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