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463. Obesity is a serious problem in this country. Research suggests that obesity can lead to a number of health problems including diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. Recent research has even indicated that there may be a relationship between obesity and some types of cancer. Major public health campaigns that increase awareness and propose simple lifestyle changes that will, with diligence and desire, eliminate or least mitigate the incidence of obesity are a crucial first step in battling this critical problem.

This paragraph best supports the statement that

(a) public health campaigns that raise consciousness and propose lifestyle changes are a productive way to fight obesity
(b) obesity is the leading cause of diabetes in our country
(c) people in our country watch too much television and do not exercise enough
(d) a decline in obesity would radically decrease the incidence of asthma

464. Critical reading is a demanding process. To read critically, you must slow down your reading and, with pencil in hand, perform specific operations on the text. Mark up the text with your reactions, conclusions, and questions. When you read, become an active participant.

This paragraph best supports the statement that

(a) critical reading is a slow, dull, but essential process
(b) the best critical reading happens at critical times in a person's life
(c) readers should get in the habit of questioning the truth of what they read
(d) critical reading requires thoughtful and careful attention

465. Walk into any supermarket or pharmacy and you will find several shelves of products designed to protect adults and children from the sun. Additionally, a host of public health campaigns have been created, including National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, that warn us about the sun's damaging UV rays and provide guidelines about protecting ourselves. While warnings about the sun's dangers are frequent, a recent survey found that fewer than half of all adults adequately protect themselves from the sun.

This paragraph best supports the statement that

(a) children are better protected from the sun's dangerous rays than adults
(b) sales of sun protection products are at an all-time high
(c) adults are not heeding the warnings about the dangers of sun exposure seriously enough
(d) more adults have skin cancer now than ever before

466. For too long, school cafeterias, in an effort to provide food they thought would be appetizing to young people, mimicked fast-food restaurants, serving items such as burgers and fries, pizza, hot dogs, and fried chicken. School districts nationwide are now addressing this trend by incorporating some simple and inexpensive options that will make cafeteria lunches healthier while still appealing to students.

This paragraph best supports the statement that

(a) school cafeterias have always emphasized nutritional guidelines over any other considerations
(b) young people would rather eat in a school cafeteria than a local fast-food restaurant
(c) school lunch menus are becoming healthier due to major new initiatives on the part of school districts
(d) it is possible to make school lunches both healthier and appealing without spending a great deal of money and undertaking a radical transformation

467. Forest fires feed on decades-long accumulations of debris and leap from the tops of young trees into the branches of mature trees. Fires that jump from treetop to treetop can be devastating. In old-growth forests, however, the shade of mature trees keeps thickets of small trees from sprouting, and the lower branches of mature trees are too high to catch the flames.

This paragraph best supports the statement that

(a) forest fire damage is reduced in old-growth forests
(b) small trees should be cut down to prevent forest fires
(c) mature trees should be thinned out to prevent forest fires
(d) forest fires do the most damage in old-growth forests


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