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Analytical Ability

Mr Piggins Ltd is a small, home-run company that makes sausages. To date, Mr Piggins' products have been sold at local farmers' markets and county fairs; however, the company is keen to break into supermarkets' and larger stores. This will enable the company to reach a wider audience, such as business professionals and those with families who may be currently unfamiliar with the company and its products.

However, the company is keen to maintain its current family-run personal, and as such currently refuse to take up larger premises. In the view of many supermarket executives, this has limited their ability to sell the Mr Piggins product, due to the concern that the company will be unable to cope with the supply and demand of supermarket buyers.

416. Why does mr piggins company face difficulty breaking into the supermarket arena?

(a) Mr Piggins may not cope with the supply and demand of supermarkets
(b) Mr Piggins is unpopular with consumers
(c) Mr Piggins products are unpopular with supermarket customers
(d) Mr Piggins products do not conform to health and safety standards
This passage outlines the debate regarding the usefulness of social marketing websites as a marketing tool. One side of this debate suggests that such websites allow companies to reach the widest target audience possible, and as such, are a powerful advertising tool. In addition to this social networking sites, such as facebook, provide information such as age, occupation, relationship status, location and often personal 'likes'.

In this way, such websites provide companies with a large amount of information, allowing companies to target their product at their ideal with greater ease and efficiency. On the other side of the debate, critics suggest that such websites encourage the publication of personal information on a never before seen level. In this way, companies are in a position to take advantage of previously private information.

417. Which one of the following statements is not definitely true?

(a) Social networking sites provide a powerful advertising tool
(b) Social networking sites place users in a vulnerable position
(c) Social networking sites encourage the publication of private information
(d) Social networking is used a marketing tool
This passage provides information on the subsidising of renewable energy and its effect on the usage of fossil fuels. The issue of subsidising sources of renewable energy came to the forefront of global politics as record emissions levels continue to be reached despite caps on carbon emissions being agreed up by several global powers.

However, renewable sources tend tto be more expensive than their fossil-fuel counter parts. In this way, renewable energy cannot be seen as a realistic alternative to fossil-fuel until it is at a price universally achievable. On the opposite side of the spectrum, commentators note that the average temperature is expected to rise by four degrees by the end of the decade.

In order to prevent this, they suggest carbon emissions must be reduced by seventy per cent by 2050. Such commentators advocate government subsidised renewable energy forms as a way to achieve this target.

418. Which one of the following statements is false?

(a) To be more viable, renewable energy must be more financially available
(b) Government subsidiary could reduce renewable energy cost
(c) The average temperature in the UK is set to rise by 4% by 2050
(d) Fossil-fuels are currently cheaper than forms of renewable energy
This passage aims to outline the debate regarding the benefit of protecting wilderness land, where mankind is unrepresented, versus using such lands for the good of mankind. Commentators suggest that man's use of such land, whether to build houses or reap the resources that can be extracted, diminishes the value of such spaces.

Opposing this line of thought is the view that to corner off such spaces prevents human progress and limits the possibilities of expansion. In accordance with this line of thought, to limit the use of such resources increases their monetary value, placing those with limited resources at a disadvantage.

419. Which one of the following statements cannot be learnt from the information in the above passage?

(a) Wilderness land provides future generations with natural substances
(b) Preservation of wilderness land prevents human progress
(c) By preventing the use of limited resources, their value increases
(d) Expansion may be limited by the preservation of wilderness land
Eating organic foods will not make you healthier, say researchers at Stanford University. A meta-analysis of over two hundred studies assessing the health gains of organic over non organic foods has failed to identify any health benefits of eating organic foods over non organic foods, even though organic foods were thirty percent less likely to contain peticides. Organic and non-organic fruit and vegetables were shown to have similar amounts of vitamins and minerals; milk was shown to have the same amount of fat and proten. Critics however say that more research is required, and until then it is inconclusive as to the effect of organic foods. Similarly it is stated that because mone of the studies ran for longer thatn 2 years.

420. Which one of the following statements cannot be learnt from the passage

(a) Over two hundered studies were assessed
(b) Organic and non-organic fruit has the same amount of vitamins
(c) Organic and non-organic meat had the same amount of protein
(d) Organic and non-organic milk had the same amount of fat
This passage examines the view that the punishment of criminals is the underlying aim of the criminal justice system, rather than rehabilitation. When looking at the criminal justice system in the United Kingdom, statistics suggest that those convicted of crimes are more likely to re-offend if given a prison sentence than any other sentence, such as community orders or mandatory alcohol or drug dependency support. In addition, those with dependency problems are more likely to further develop their dependency in in prison. However, many sectors of society continue to seen non-custodial sentences as the 'esy way out' for offender. In this way, the underlying aim of the criminal justice continues to be attempting to punis rather than rehabilitate.

421. Which of the following statements is true?

(a) Prisoners are 3x more likely to offend than those serving sommunity orders
(b) illegal substances are easier to acquire in prison
(c) Prisoners are more likely to offend than those serving community orders
(d) Community orders continue to be 'an easy way out' for offenders


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